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International Business Development


Canadian companies have an opportunity to significantly increase their revenue by pursuing business internationally. With a total population of over 35 million, Canada is naturally a small percentage of the global marketplace.


It is important to know what business strategies are required to help you succeed and to mitigate risks. A seasoned international business development professional from Bean Wizard can provide the necessary guidance to develop and open new markets successfully. 


Bean Wizard provides reviews and business analysis for any international market opportunities. Developing and implementing the right marketing strategies and sales tactics are vital steps in establishing sustainable market share and long-term success. This includes a review of local competition, market constraints, regulatory framework, cultural sensitivities, transportation and logistics issues, exchange rate risks, and more.


Doing business outside of Canada has significant revenue potential, but possibly has higher risks. With Bean Wizard's expertise, we provide support for new market entries globally. Companies are often surprised to discover new attractive markets which are a good fit for their products and services.


Some of the issues of international business we address:


  • Government support or restrictions

  • Trade finance for foreign buyers

  • Tariffs and taxes

  • Logistics and import regulations

  • Product approvals

  • Representation/agency agreements

  • Localized sales/marketing/service support

  • Currency risks


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