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Bean Wizard Solutions Inc. is the Canadian authorized representative of KAMPS from Belgium.

Founded in 1919, KAMPS is a corporate which has specialised in water treatment for over 50 years. KAMPS belongs to the Holding KAYA GROUP Ltd which is active exclusively in LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT projects.  KAMPS is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

KAMPS designs, develops and manufactures equipment for water purification (water aeration and membrane filtration). AIRMAX low-speed, vertical-shaft surface aerators and filtration installations are produced at workshops in Belgium. Other products are produced in high qualified  workshops.

KAMPS also sells various equipment items in the environmental and energy fields (sludge dewatering installations and sand filters). With its flexible structure, KAMPS ensures its customers receive a flexible, fast, and dynamic response to their requirements.

Technical expertise and technological support ensures a reliable, high-performance solution.


The AIRMAX advantage is more blades. It allows the AIRMAX to turn slower which means that it will consume less energy for the same oxygen transfer.  Having a uniform splash is important as well using all the space around the impellers.  See the photo of AIRMAX, with 12 blades which is best-in-class for surface water aerators. 

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