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Bean Wizard believes the importance of continuing business development and cash flow management are some of the key critical factors to maintain a company to stay competitive and profitable. 

Quote from Donald Kaberuka: "I'm not interested in whether the glass is half empty of half full.  I'm interested in figuring out how to fill the glass."


Business Development Expertise


Growing a business requires more than intuition and optimism.  It is about finding and maintaining customers and how to differentiate your products and services in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.   A fresh external perspective can add tremendous value and identify low hanging fruits that your company is missing.


Does your company have challenges on cultivating business opportunities?  Is your company affected by the downturn of the industry or market?  Does your company have problems to retain and attract customers?   When was the last time your company reviewed the revenue model?


Bean Wizard provides business development plans that can help your company today with a balanced approach between hunting for new prospects and farming existing clients.  We also help companies to set up and manage strategic relationships with potential prospects. Our experience covers a wide range of industries and can generate cost effective results that are measurable to your bottom line.


Whether your company is looking for increasing market share in an existing segment, expanding markets in new territories, or establishing a new market for a start-up, we can help your company to grow and expand.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.


Cash Flow Management


Companies are facing challenges to pay high costs for an in-house CFO and Controller.  It is difficult for companies to manage the cost and obtain professional services like cash flow management and strategic planning services.


Does your company have sufficient cash for daily operation, capital investments, and ongoing projects to avoid dry spells?  Does your company require a line of credit to grow?  Does your company meet lender’s financial requirement and covenants? 


A good financial budget gives a clearer picture for a company on where it is heading and what financial resources are required to achieve the company’s goals and targets. Furthermore, a company with sound cash flow management can execute better decisions, exercise plans more strategically, and be proactive to deal with any foreseeable risk and uncertainty. 


With Bean Wizard, companies can save time, stress, and money by outsourcing these services so they can focus on their core business activities.  Our professional services are provided in a prompt and cost-effective manner for our clients.   We provide ongoing support to meet our clients’ needs.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.


"Numbers are not relevant if they do not mean anything."


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